All senshi

All the main senshi in the canon

1,000 years ago, the planets were ruled by their own separate governments. With these planetary governments, there were princesses. Each of these princesses became the greatest warriors of their planets, the sailor senshi. The only exceptions were the princess of the moon, Serenity, forbidden to become a senshi, and the senshi of Earth, Endymion, seeing as the king and queen were unable to bear any more children.

List of Planetary SenshiEdit

Planet Past Life Name Current Life Name Image
Mercury Athena Mercuria Ami Mizuno
Venus Aphrodite Venusia Minako Aino
Moon Serenity Lunaria Usagi Tsukino Usagi1
Mars Enyo Martia Rei Hino
Jupiter Diônê Jove Makoto Kino/Chloe Dupont
Saturn Persephone Satura Hotaru Tomoe
Uranus Caelus Urania Haruka Tenoh
Neptune Amphitrite Neptin Michiru Kaioh
Pluto Hecate Plutoria Setsuna Meiou

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